If you want to master online poker and avoid the many costly mistakes that beginners often make, then this is the book for you.
Online poker is growing rapidly and has been a major contributor to the poker fever that is raging in both Europe and the United States. Not least because of the fact that on the internet there are always people ready to play – for fun, for money or both.

The Book about Online Poker is a handy guide that will tell you how to get started with No Limit Texas Hold’Em Poker online. But you can also read about how to make your own online plan, about Sit and Go tournaments, online bluff and other advanced online strategies.

Blackjack is the most widespread card game at casinos in both Denmark and the rest of the world, and like poker has experienced explosive growth over the past many years.

In The Book about Blackjack, Kim Birch, one of Denmark’s leading gambling experts and professional card players, provides an extensive overview of the popular card game.

You will learn to understand the basic rules and techniques and get an overview of how to bet correctly and statistically increase your chances of beating the casino. The book also reviews more advanced topics such as card counting and blackjack played at tournament level, giving you all the tools, you need to play blackjack at a professional level.

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