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Since I started publishing my gambling material and my first books on poker back in 2005, a lot has happened.

Back when the poker craze and world poker tour hit Denmark, my books on online poker and my articles were mostly published through the mainstream media such as weeklies and magazines.

Unfortunately, there was not much focus on the internet for most Danish media houses at the time.

However, I can still remember that my very first radio interview was given to Radio Charlie and Jyske Vestkysten was the first newspaper to use more than just a few lines on the book and my material. They gave me a full-page article and I went from being totally unknown to being recognized on the street.

My readers and fans of poker and gambling could meet me regularly at the annual Forum book fair. Since I had no real platform on the internet, Tipsbladet offered me a weekly poker column.

Through this, poker and gambling enthusiasts could write to me with questions and get help developing their gaming skills. The weekly column was a huge success.

Even today over 10 years later I still get questions, especially about poker strategies from poker enthusiasts who read my column every week!

Then I had a long period where the focus was on playing live poker in casinos both at home and abroad. It was also the biggest reason I chose to take a break from writing articles and publishing books.


I also got a little older and family life began to take up more space. I wanted to find a place to settle down and slow down. Living as a professional gambler can be very stressful as we all hit the negative EV from time to time.

So my break was a little longer than I had anticipated. However, I have gambled regularly online throughout the years and still with a positive win rate even though online poker games in particular have become tougher…

There are simply too few fish compared to the past. The online poker players have simply gotten a lot better these days!

From 2021 onwards you will be able to find my latest poker and gambling literature through BETO.com where I’m the in-house gambling expert. I’ll exclusively write advanced guides and articles to help you safely navigate the exciting world of online casinos. You’ll be able to ask me questions and get help to develop your poker and blackjack talent.

It also happens from time to time that I give lectures, and this will come up again when this is possible according to the world situation and the restrictions that have been put in effect over the past year regarding sizes and scopes of assemblies.

Good luck, and maybe we will meet at the tables in online poker!

Kim Birch

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