If you love casino games or poker, then you have landed in the right place. My name is Kim Birch, and I am gradually becoming a staple in the poker world and in the Danish casino world.

I have lived life as a professional gambler and Texas Hold’em poker pro for over 15 years with all the ups and downs this entails. I come from a fishing family and was born and raised just outside Esbjerg, Denmark.

I was born in 1978 and started my “career” as a gambler around 1999, just after completing my military service with the Danish Royal Guards.

Thanks to my many years of experience as a professional player and thousands of hours spent studying game theory and advanced statistics, I was one of the first in Denmark to be offered to write a book about poker when the poker craze hit Denmark like a tsunami in 2005.


I have both won and lost against the very best poker players, both at home and abroad. In addition to poker, blackjack has also been a casino game in which I have invested many thousands of hours and equal amounts of money.

It was an easy decision to say yes to publishing a book on the subject of blackjack and how to count cards. The book about blackjack was published on my birthday in March 2006.


Over the years, I have simultaneously written articles for various poker magazines in Denmark and abroad. For a couple of years, I even had a weekly column in the Danish magazine Tipsbladet under the title “PokerHjørnet.”

From time to time, I have also acted as a fact-checker for journalists who had to write articles about gambling, game theory, and casino games. I have been regularly contacted by journalists for the last 10+ years especially during the great poker craze I was mentioned and written about in newspapers such as Jyllands-Posten and other news media.

In the past couple of years, there has been a growing interest in the Danish online casino market, and on that occasion, I have had to admit that the internet is the wild west!

 Sleazy salesman types trying to exploit my books and articles to sell bad casino promotions to people who do not know better. I have therefore chosen to start this website, so I can control what my books and articles are being used for.



I have decided it’s time to write new gambling articles that are updated to current standards. This means that the information you, as a player, receive is beneficial and based on the latest and most thoroughly tested game theories available.

It is also with great pleasure that I can unveil that Denmark’s largest casino community,, has offered me to become the editor of their online magazine. BETO Slots focuses solely on the players and offers you support in anything related to online gambling.

In addition, all my articles will be made exclusively available on I will also write brand new articles and produce content in collaboration with their team of other experts, such as one of Europe’s best baccarat players.
I will discuss the blackjack strategy with Astrid Eriksson, a player I greatly respect.

I have met several of these experts many times over my 20 years as a professional poker and blackjack player. It is a great honor that they have chosen me as the editor-in-chief.

In collaboration with both players and the users at, the goal is to keep players like yourself focused and give you the toolset needed to regain a fair chance against the casinos.
In addition to fact-checking all the articles and content with the other experts in mathematics, the goal is to discuss and share the newest game theories and strategies.

At BETO Slots™, all the facts will be revealed when reviewing gaming venues. We check the promises to new players, whether their games are fair, and whether they offer real player value.

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